Architecture and Energy

Order Now: Architecture and Energy: Performance and Style 

This volume includes refinements of the presentations made at that event and some additional essays solicited to address other aspects of the topic. Style is something of a forbidden term among contemporary designers, and this collection is meant to provoke a reconsideration of the connections between style, performance, and design.


Introduction: Architecture and Energy (Again)

 Energy Systems

Architecture, Style, and Power: The Work of Civilization, William W. Braham

Architecture and Life, Luis buy citalopram online Fernández-Galiano

Energy and the Social Hierarchy of Households (and Buildings), Thomas Abel

Design in the Light of Dark Energy, John Thackara

Building Performance

Less is Less: Are Architects Thinking Too Small? Daniel E. Willis

Environmental Surfing – Delight and Nature’s Renewable Energies, Vivian Loftness

Adaptive Architecture, Simos Yannas

Designing for Low-Energy: Seeking Representations of High-Performance Homes in Post-War America, Franca Trubiano

Architectural Aspects

Technics and Poetics of the Architectural Environment, Dean Hawkes

The Formations of Energy in Architecture, Kiel Moe

Visualizing Renewable Resources, Daniel Barber