Energy Accounts: Schedule

Keynote Lecture: Thursday, January 23, 2014, Meyerson B-1
Laura Baird Energy Narratives OMA/AMO, Rotterdam, NL 6:00 PM
Symposium: Friday, January 24, 2014, Meyerson Lower Gallery
Marilyn Jordan Taylor University of Pennsylvania 9:00 AM
Winka Dubbeldam University of Pennsylvania
Discussion 1.Accounting for Energy 9:30 AM
David Nye Implementing a New Domestic Energy Regime: The Electrified Home, 1920 & The Sustainable Home, 2020 University of Southern Denmark, Danish Institute for Advanced Study
Reinhold Martin Visualizing Change: The Case of the Anthropocene Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University
Ursula Heise Science Fiction and the Imagination of Energy Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, University of California, Los Angeles  
Mod: Daniel Barber
Break 11:00 AM
Session 1. Visualizing Energy Data 11:30 AM
Vijay Modi Spatial Distribution of Urban Building Energy Consumption Engineering, Columbia University
A.J. Simon Multi-scale Visualizations of Facility Energy Use Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Ryan Russell Visualizing Complexity Graphic Design, Pennsylvania State University
Semiha Ergan Visualization to Support Facility Operation and Maintenance Carnegie Mellon University
Mod: John Messner, Pennsylvania State University Architectural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
lunch 1:00 PM
Session 2. Representing Energy in Buildings 2:00 PM
Billie Faircloth Materials as Probes Research Director, KieranTimberlake
Erik Olsen A Sense for Energy Transsolar Climate Engineering
Christoph Reinhart Evaluating Urban Resource Efficiency – The Interplay of Microclimate, Operational and Embodied Energy Architectural Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vivian Loftness Ducks, Dollars, or kWh? Carnegie Mellon University
Mod: Forrest Meggers, Princeton University
Break 3:30 PM
Discussion 2. Projecting Energy Futures 4:00 PM
Jason F. McLennan The Principles of the Living Building Challenge Cascadia Green Building Council, Living Building Challenge
David Gissen Energy Archives California College of Arts
David Owen Asking All the Wrong Questions New Yorker  
Mod: Jennifer S. Rhee, Virginia Commonwealth University
Panel Discussion, All Participants.  Use #ArchitectureEnergy to post comments and questions 5:30 PM
Mod: William W. Braham
Reception and Exhibition Opening, INTEGRATE: 9 Devices for Energy-Efficient Building Design 6:30 PM
Sponsored by IGEL: Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership